Claire Beausein is a mid-career artist who has extensive experience with handmade paper both as a traditional and contemporary medium. Combining hand made paper with media such as indigo dye, embossing and textiles, Beausein uses traditional techniques in new and original ways to create unique contemporary artworks.
Beausein has extended her paper practice and expertise with residencies and workshops. In 2012 she won a mid-career fellowship for a three-month residency in Basel Switzerland where she worked with the Basel Paper Mill learning about, and experimenting with traditional western cotton rag handmade paper. She then presented an exhibition at The Natural History Museum of Basel of the resultant paper artworks. In 2015 and again this year she went to Japan for workshops and a residency learning about washi paper, Japanese woodblock (Mokuhanga) and associated traditional techniques.
Beausein’s work reflects her interest in spirit of place, focusing on natural environments. Her work is landscape based and draws on her understanding of nature, science and Eastern philosophies.
Beausein has had over twenty solo exhibitions both in Australia and overseas. Her work has won numerous awards and has been selected for significant National exhibitions such as ‘The Mandorla Award’ and ‘The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize’. Beausein has been commissioned to produce large-scale works for major Hotels such as ‘The Intercontinental’ and ‘The Westin’ in Perth and her work is held in important collections both in Australia and overseas.

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Claire Beausein

Claire Beausein


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