'Pure Land' 2018

From the many traditional Japanese techniques involving paper that I learnt directly from masters of their fields in Japan I have developed my own techniques for use in a contemporary way.


'Uncommon Thread' 2016

Driven by my interest and research into Japanese Buddhist and Shinto philosophies, this work reflects my time in Japan and its cultural links with my hometown of Broome. 

Indigo & silk thread handmade washi paper - 43cm x 31cm


'Watermark' 2014

For me there is a bounty of metaphors and meanings found in nature and reflected in the landscape. 

Ink on Handformed paper - 33cm x 33cm


'Still Life' 2012

A four-month residency at the Natural History Museum of Basel, Switzerland culminated in the exhibition ‘Still Life’ held in the Museum.

'Still Life I'
Hand formed paper - 45cm x 57cm

'Casting Light' 2015

The cycles of growth, decay and renewal are ever present in the Australian landscape. This body of work speaks of the intangible, ever evolving essence that makes the Australian bush

'Bone II'
Kangaroo bone stitched to paper - 20cm x 20cm


'Reef Matrix' 2013

Coral reefs symbolise for me the fragility of life and the infinite creativity and wondrous organisaton of nature.

'Urchin III'
Sculpted and handmade paper approx - 38cm x 38cm