The following pieces are works that have been directly commissioned from the artist. These pieces were created in consultation with the client's brief and with their locations in mind. They represent works of art in their own right to enhance the public spaces where they hang.

The Intercontinental Hotel, Perth 2016

A collection of original artworks for a hotel refurbishment in the Perth CBD. These pieces are inspired by the natural forms, textures and colours of the Western Australian landscape.

Ink on hand formed 3D cotton paper - 157cm x 60cm


The Westin Hotel, Perth 2017 

‘Driftwood’ and ‘Ningaloo III’ are monumental sandstone pieces commissioned for the Western Hotel in 480 Hay St, Perth. They integrate directlty into the structure of the building itself.  

'Ningaloo III'
Relief sculpture in sandstone 400 x 500cm